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A.Oval PET (Round base)
C.Cosmoval PET
D.Barmix PET
E.Tall Boston Round PET
F.Barmix Tapered Shoulder PET
G.Wine PET
H.Round PET Smooth Shoulder
I.Round Vinegar PET Ribbed Shoulder
J.Clear Styrene Thick-Walled jars & caps
K.Cylinder Round PET & PVC
L.Wine PET
M.Oval PET Jars
N.Heavy-Wall PET Low-Profile Jars
O.Round PET Jars
P.Spice PET Jars
Q.Boston Rd.PET Clear and Colors
R.Oblong Oblong PET
S.Oval Tapered
T.Oval (Straight Sided)

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